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Ramp Interchange is an powerful integration tool that enables the exchange of data between customers, platforms and systems using broad range of standardized technologies.  Traditional capabilities such as EDI, XML and AS2/VAN and related technologies are fully supported as well as eCommerce integration including but not limited to Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and ShipStation amongst many other platforms.


Ramp Systems Interchange can connect internal systems with each other as well as with Customers, Suppliers and Partners utilizing several common technologies. No matter how document exchange need to be made, Ramp Systems Interchange can facilitate the exchange of business data in a manner that meets both internal and customer and supplier requirements.

Supported Protocols Include

  • AS1, AS2, AS3
  • SFTP
  • SMTP, POP3
  • eCommerce platforms including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, ShipStation and virtually any other REST/Web Service based site


Ramp Interchange supports all commonly used document types and data formats and can communicate directly with multiple applications directly using these supported document formats, API calls and/or virtually any database platform and can enable the development and deployment of mapping capabilities as well as full middleware solutions. All mapping is 100% data driven and configurable such that any requirement may be met easily, rapidly and effectively.

Supported Data Formats Include

  • X12 EDI and all subsets (UCS, VICS)
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Text/Flat Files
  • Excel


Ramp Interchange provides, in addition to connectivity and transformation services powerful capabilities for enterprises to use to support business validation, conditional logic execution, customer and partner visibility and printing services with comprehensive design tools enabling users to rapidly deploy solutions rapidly to meet ever changing business needs.

Integration Features Include

  • Visual process modeler
  • Configurable rule definition and deployment
  • Notification and Visibility tools
  • Integrated configurable reporting supporting PDF, Word, RTF, HTML, Excel
  • Print services

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