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Advantec Supply Chain makes large strides with Ramp Enterprise WMS and Ramp EDI

Published: Jan 29, 2024
Advantec Supply Chain makes large strides with Ramp Enterprise WMS and Ramp EDI

When Adam Gueran and Victor Rabba founded Advantec Supply Chain in 2019 it was with a vision to become the largest full service Canadian warehouse provider in the food grade market. They are rapidly closing in on achieving their goal. In the past three years they have driven growth over 300% year over year and continue to take on new challenges in the greater Toronto marketplace.

Their choice of technology platforms was a key contributor to this growth. They started looking for a warehouse management system by reviewing 7-8 WMS vendors with 3rd Party Logistics capabilities in food grade warehousing and temperature-controlled inventory.

After careful examination they selected Ramp Systems Enterprise 3PL WMS. The system’s flexibility and intuitive workflow made it a very good fit. Plus, “the Ramp sales team lead by Tim Dalton really understood our needs,” according to Adam Gueran who had previously worked with 5 or 6 WMS systems over his 30 years of warehousing and inventory management. “We were also impressed that Ramp had their own EDI system that was totally compatible with the WMS. So, we bought that as well.”

Ramp Warehouse Management and EDI Interchange work together to easily onboard new business.

The easy, intuitive workflow of the WMS along with the depth of the EDI system is a powerful combination. It has made on-boarding new customers and product lines both time and cost effective. The systems are adaptable to multiple complex inventories, order processing and logistics challenges, all within each customer footprint.

“The Ramp System had very good reviews from the customers we talked with. It was an easy decision because it was cost effective, adaptable to multiple diverse challenges and they have many happy customers,” he added.

Ramp Enterprise WMS includes its full suite of capabilities and is not sold in modules, ensuring our customers always have tools available to meet ever changing business needs. All new functionality requests/requirements are done by the Ramp Systems development team as configurable enhancements to the base product. There is no cost to add and receive new capabilities and functions. Updates and upgrades offered by Ramp Systems are included at no charge to all customers.

Growing both market share and warehouse space with fixed-cost warehousing space.

Advantec continues to expand and add market share and warehouse space. Their unique business model of fixed-cost warehousing space and focus on large international brands as well as midrange to smaller customers in the ecommerce market has contributed to the growth. Future targets include growing the business to a total of over 44,000,000 cubic feet by 2024 and having operational warehouse facilities in Ontario, Quebec, Vancouver and Calgary, with a capacity for dry, cooler and freezer storage.

“It has been a pleasure working with Adam and Victor and their team at Advantec,” said Brian Mozhdehi, President of Ramp Systems. “We are very happy that we have been successful at meeting their ongoing, ever challenging needs.”

About Advantec Supply Chain

Adam Gueran, president, and COO, brings over 30 years’ experience into Advantec, managing warehousing accounts in Food, Plastics, electronics and construction Materials, with deep knowledge and understanding of the storage market and operations.

Victor Rabba, CEO, was a key executive in the Rabba Fine Foods grocery chain and its subsidiary companies. Victor’s lifelong experience as an entrepreneur has strengthened Advantec’s inner knowledge and network on food grade business contacts.

The company is designing a new state of the art facility to handle customer freezer, cooler and ambient needs, adding roughly an additional 1,000,000SQFT by 2024.

Visit www.advantecsupplychain.com for more information.

About Ramp Systems

Ramp Systems is an Enterprise Software and Services Company founded in 2006 and dedicated to providing complete solutions to the Logistics Industry. Software and services offered include Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Execution, EDI, eCommerce and Application Integration.

Brian Mozhdehi, President

Brian offers extensive technical experience and expertise in warehouse management, electronic data interchange, and integration software and solutions. Before founding Ramp Systems in 2006, he was a senior software developer at Neptune Software, a warehouse management software company. He founded Boomi, an EDI and integration software company, in 1999 and Dell acquired the company in 2010. Brian earned a degree in electrical engineering from Pennsylvania State University

Tim Dalton, Vice President – Sales and Marketing

Tim joined Ramp Systems in 2009, bringing with him operational expertise in third-party logistics for dry warehousing operations, refrigerated warehousing and transportation services, along with sales and marketing expertise. Prior to coming to Ramp Systems, he marketed WMS for the LDS Corporation, Delfour and Cadre Technologies. A graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in business administration/marketing.

Pat Walker, Senior Vice President

Pat joined Ramp Systems in 2012 in a sales and training capacity and has more than 30 years of experience in the 3PL industry. He previously worked as a client technical professional at IBM, a senior sales engineer at Accellos and a senior sales consultant with Infor and Provia Software. Pat is a graduate of Michigan State University.

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