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Ford Storage Goes live with Ramp Enterprise WMS & Interchange EDI

Published: May 24, 2024
Ford Storage Goes live with Ramp Enterprise WMS & Interchange EDI

Omaha Nebraska – May 24, 2024

As a diversified logistics company Ford Storage offers asset-based solutions for supply chain requirements and challenges. Performance, flexibility, Integrity and long-term business partnerships have allowed Ford Storage to succeed in our marketplace. Ford Storage provides public warehousing, fulfillment, distribution and transportation services. Thier distribution centers are strategically located in Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Kansas to service domestic and global marketplaces.  They provide resources to any combination of mixed modes of transportation servicing B2B and B2C that will streamline your supply chain with their warehousing, distribution and transportation services. Ford Storage customers represent manufacturing companies, distributors, wholesale and retail based industries.

With over 1.1 million square feet of warehouse operating space Ford Storage capabilities include pallet racking systems and floor stackable space to serve your inventory requirements.  Product handling equipment includes fork, clamp, push-pull and roll clamp lift systems. Attributes of Ford Storage facilities consist of equivalent levels of security monitoring systems, sanitation measures, fire systems and pest management to ensure an appropriate environment.  Ford Storage benefits manufacturing, distributing and retail industries to reduce fixed expenses and eliminate long term financial commitments to efficiently provide supply chain solutions.

With Ramp Systems software, they offer all of the necessary warehouse functionality of real-time activity, web-based inventory and bar-code options including scanning inbound and outbound freight.

Learn more about Ford Storage at: www.fordstorage.com

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