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SkyCity Trucking goes live with Ramp WMS and EDI Platform

Published: Jan 29, 2024
SkyCity Trucking goes live with Ramp WMS and EDI Platform

Fife Washington – March 8, 2023

SkyCity Trucking completed the implementation of Ramp Enterprise Warehouse and EDI Integration systems in December last year. Since then, the technology has facilitated major improvements to operations and its ability to efficiently onboard new customers.

The company has served third party logistics operators with warehousing, fulfillment, trucking and order processing near Tacoma, Washington since inception 7 years ago. All facility, inventory and logistics operations were previously managed manually with spreadsheets.

“Ramp has made our entire operation run much more smoothly than our paper processes,” said Jackelynne Chubin, Sky City’s warehouse coordinator. “It has really helped with getting our new accounts on board, both in warehouse operations and integration with customer EDI requirements.”

The company operates in two warehouses with a total of about 150,000 square feet of warehouse space. The system is used by 10 warehouse and fulfillment workers. It focuses on food grade products, dry goods, and animal food. It also serves the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, with Import/Export drayage for all container and trailer sizes with more than 40 OTR trucks.

“We are pleased with the transition from paper and implementation went. Now, everything can be found in one system. The Ramp Portal allows us to check up on everything because it is always up to date and available.” Jackelynne added.

“SkyCity has been a great addition to our growing customer base,” said, Ramp’s President, Brian Mazhdehi. “They worked hard to make the implementation smooth and successful.”

Learn more about SkyCity Trucking at www.skycity-trucking.com.

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