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TheeDigital Launched Our New WordPress Website

Published: Jan 29, 2024
TheeDigital Launched Our New WordPress Website

Ramp Systems is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, built by TheeDigital, a Raleigh web design and internet marketing company.

Ramp Systems is a modern and dynamic software company and we wanted our new website to reflect our companies identity. This is why we invested in a new, custom developed website with a number of built-in features that sets us apart from our competition.

Our newly redesigned website is built around WordPress, an easy to use but powerful content management system that allows our team to make content, image and video updates with just a few clicks. We can add new pages and post blog entries whenever we want, without a developer’s help. We feel that this independence is important. Our new site will be a tool used to directly communicate with our customers. We need to be as agile as possible to meet your needs.

Ramp Systems’ new site features an interactive navigation with an on-site blog to serve as a resource for company and industry related news.

Some of our favorite features of our new site are:

Custom Designed and Developed WordPress Website with User Friendly Interface

Our custom designed and developed WordPress website offers clear navigation to our visitors, making our homepage, company information, products and services, our blog and contact information easily accessible. In addition to the convenient layout on the front end, WordPress features a user-friendly interface on the back-end as well. In just one hour of training, TheeDigital was able to teach our team how to post blog entries, update page content, upload pictures and videos, and manage our contact form. We found WordPress to be intuitive, simple and easy to use, making our website more manageable than ever.

Responsive Web Design For User-Friendly Viewing on Mobile and Tablet Devices

This is an exciting new feature to our redesigned website. Using responsive web design technology, our site will respond and adapt according to the orientation of our visitor’s screen size and resolution. Now, our visitors can view our website on varying platforms, including smartphones, tablets, or standard-size computers, allowing easier access to our website and information.

On-Site Knowledgebase to Manage and Access Content

Our newly redesigned website now features an on-site and secure Learning Center, giving our customers the opportunity to get in-depth information about our Enterprise Software and Services. The knowledgebase is easy and simple to update. We have the ability to add text content, images and even upload videos for users to watch so they can better understand pertinent information. There is even a built-in search functionality that makes it easy for users to find specific content quickly and easily.

TheeDigital also developed a support specific contact form that users can use in the Learning Center. This form allows registered users to directly contact the Ramp Systems Support Team with WMS- and EDI-specific questions. TheeDigital also developed a public contact form for all website visitors to use. These contact forms will help us streamline day-to-day processes at our office and provide better customer service.

Overall, we are proud of our site. We found TheeDigital after conducting an extensive search for Raleigh Web Design in Google. After speaking with their team, we knew they understood our vision and were the perfect partner to help build and fulfill our specific needs.

Click through our website to see for yourself. Don’t forget to check out our blog, where we will feature industry news about various Enterprise Software and Services topics. For more information about how we can help with your needs, fill out our form on our website, or call us at (215) 854-6325.

If you are interested in finding out more about web design or internet marketing, visit our friends at TheeDigital.com or call 919-341-8901.