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Ramp Systems Helps Facilitate Evans Distribution Systems to Deliver Multi-Client Logistics Services to Growing Customer Base

Published: Jan 25, 2024
Ramp Systems Helps Facilitate Evans Distribution Systems to Deliver Multi-Client Logistics Services to Growing Customer Base

Every 3rd Party Logistics company knows the importance of keeping up. Processing orders, shipments, reports, allocations, inventory changes and just about everything else within a 3PL warehouse needs to happen on time, accurately and in the right order.

Keeping up means synchronizing data, inventory, shipping/receiving events for all the supply chains within an operation. It also means keeping up for multiple clients who each have multiple, diverse requirements. It becomes a continuous, massive orchestration.

Evans Distribution Centers, a Southern Michigan 3PL founded in 1929, realized it was time for a change in 2018. The company was growing rapidly and had just landed a significant amount of new business. But its WMS was not keeping up.

A need to change WMS platform.

“We used Ramp WMS for a very large, specific customer project for 4 years. After becoming familiar with the system, we felt it would be beneficial to switch all customers over,” Stephen Ruch, Evans’ VP of Warehouse explained. “Ramp Systems is reliable and adaptable to many, different requirements.”

In less than a year the company was able to convert 200 accounts. Rapid onboarding new clients has been successful due to Ramp’s Integration platform, according to Mr. Ruch. “Interchange (EDI) is one of the most powerful parts of their systems.” By 2018 Evans was able to complete its first full orchestration with one of its larger clients.

“We have a great working relationship with the Ramp team,” Ruch said. “Brian Mozdehi and his team are always here to help. Once, we couldn’t successfully allocate a line of products and it was creating a big problem. They stepped in and helped get us through it. They are available to tweak and change things to resolve issues and to automate processes. It is a true partnership.”

Ramp WMS and EDI Interchange manage a broad spectrum of clients and industries.

Evans Distribution Systems is a privately-owned, third-party logistics company based in Melvindale, Michigan. The 90-year-old company is run by a fourth-generation leadership team and operates 3 million square feet of warehousing space in Southeast Michigan.

Evans provides warehousing, fulfillment, value-added, transportation, and staffing services for a variety of customers in automotive, food/beverage, consumer goods, hazmat, paper/raw materials, and government sectors. Evans’ seven warehouse facilities provide contract and multi-client storage in Metro Detroit. Several sites have Foreign Trade Zone designation, bonded warehouse space, food-grade, chemical-grade, rail-served and temperature controlled.

“Ramp is honored to have its critical systems put to the test at Evans Distribution daily. We are proud to help them continue to successfully serve their customers,” said Brian Mozhdehi, President and founder of Ramp Systems.

About Ramp Systems. Ramp Systems is a private software developer, founded in 2006, which provides cloud-based warehouse management and interchange EDI systems for the third-party logistics industry. Software and services offered include Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Execution, EDI, eCommerce, and Application Integration.

Ramp Enterprise WMS is a flexible, powerful, and highly configurable Warehouse Management System designed to meet the evolving and challenging needs of Third-Party providers. The full suite of warehousing capabilities are easily tailored to meet virtually any set of customer or warehouse processing requirements. Variable processes driven by business requirements can quickly and easily be defined, configured, and executed within the system. Ramp Enterprise WMS is designed to meet the needs of any size businesses of any size.

Ramp Interchange is a powerful platform that enables the exchange of data between customers, platforms and systems using broad range of standardized technologies. Traditional capabilities such as EDI, XML and AS2/VAN and related technologies are fully supported as well as eCommerce integration including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and ShipStation and many other platforms.